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Конгресс в Москве 2020
Девятый Всемирный конгресс
по психотерапии
«Дети. Общество. Будущее – Планета психотерапии»
26-29 июня 2020
Москва, Россия

Габриэлла Филиппу (Кипр)

Since 2005, Gabriella Philippou works as a Psychotherapist-Counselor, Trainer for Personal, Professional and Business Development. She provides services to children, adults and the elderly, regardless of gender, nationality, religion, age, sexual orientation or social status.

Her Academic Qualifications are: BA Social Sciences (Major in Psychology), Cyprus College (now European University Cyprus), Academic Excellence Award from the School of Social Sciences and Humanities; Master’s in Clinical Psychology, University of Indianapolis, USA.